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Finally the year has come to an end and we decided to sort out the most drank beer in our lovely Nation Cameroon.However, due to the general culture of Cameroon, beer continues to be the favoured alcoholic beverage at all social events and according to Vanguardcameroon publication in 2014,Cameroon was Rated Highest in number of Drunkards - Research has proven that in no distant future Cameroon will win the disgraceful crown of the country with the highest number of drunkards in the world  following a research study indicating  that Cameroonians all over the national territory consumed 620 million hectoliters of  beer in 2013.This represents beer produced by all the breweries on Cameroonian soil and excluding wine, spirits and whiskies. This represents a net increase of 20 million hectoliters in one year alone".
Anyway let's forget that history and get straight to the point,Here are the list of the Most drank beer in 2017 based on the number of consumption and demand in public caberets,bars and nightclubs in cameroon.


One among the oldest  Beer brand rich in tradition from Germany to Argentinia has been popularly demanded in bars and nightclubs.According to our research team,this beer is mostly consume by cameroonians of age 28 upward and the average rate of consumption start from 4 beers upward,noted for it premium quality,cameroonians turns to enjoy this beer after eating about 10 stick of soya,anyway Isenbeck took the 10th position of our list.


100% cameroonian and brewed since 1952,Beaufort is the first cameroonian beer.From beaufort light to tango and many more,beaufort could be similar to Isenbeck yet it seems like cameroonians mostly like every that shine,Beaufort is mostly consume by cameroonian of age 30 upward is on the 9th position of our list.


This beer is totally appreciated worldwide and is one of the popular cameroon drinkable beer in those days.The Golden color with a white head and Low intensity in the aroma Looks good enough to be drink and is noted for it Moderate bitterness and a moderate sweetness yet people still enjoy it and is found at the 8th position of our list

7.Castel beer

If you are entering any nightclub or bar nowadays in cameroon,castel is always on the table,Now availble in can containers,cameroonian now have an easy access to this beer and has been on the top among other beers.Castel is mosty consume in villages and during local parties,funeral or ceremonies.Also available in small sizes bottle 0,33l  castel beer is popularly consume in the west regions of cameroon and figure on the 7th position.

6.33 Export

33 is the Code of Friendship. The “33” export quality story flows from the carefully selected ingredients to the strict brewing process, resulting in a well-blended brew that is enjoyed across the country. Where you see Castel beer,you will obviously see 33 export,one among the popular beer in cameroon drank especially during football games by supporters.33 export is also drank mostly in villages being the only available beer with castel or mutzig and during ceremonies.This beer is totally love by cameroonians and the highest drinking age are people around 40( Late adult) and also appreciated by grand mothers and fathers though middle ages cameroonians also enjoy 33 export,the beer is available is many format including can containers and is 6th in our list.

5. Kadji

Another Cameroon premium beer produce by the KADJI company,this beer is look to be similar to beaufort yet best consume in cameroon with minimal order starting from atleast 4 beer upward.Kadji beer won the 5th position of our list and also mostly consume by elderly people for it's quality and taste.

4. Booster

Booster as the name state has been boosting the youth all over the territory.One of the year popular beer drank by mostly by youth,booster is super strong with 5% alcohool ,existing with several taste.The minimal uptake level start from around 4 beer and some cameroonian can endup drinking even a crates of booster,Reputated for it sweet taste booster is available in different taste  Booster PiƱa Colada, Booster Vodka Pamplemousse, Booster Whisky Cola and Booster Gin Tonic and is drank at any age in cameroon and figure in the 4th Postion


From the big family of Guiness,Orijin is similar to Booster but more powerful with 7% alcohol,Orijin can make you high in less than 3 minuit depending on how your drink it.Orijin is one of the popular drink nowaday demanded by youth.Atleast 5 bottles of orijin is found on each tables in nightclubs .Reputated for it better taste made from natural herb extract,Orijin has won the 3rd position in our list

2.Guiness Smooth

Another brother from the Guiness Family,commonly called Smooth is one of those elegant and original beer from Guiness,drank with moderation by all ages full of taste,is no doubt if you are not drinking guiness,you'r not spending money.Guiness Smooth won the 2nd position in our list and is among the most popular  drink consume by cameroonians.It some times happen to be out of stock with increasing demand in bars and nightclubs due to it rapid consumption by our happy and satisfy drunkards.


Made from the Large and global company,Guiness is not only drank in Cameroon but worldwide.It is the Most drank beer in cameroon but reserve for those who can spend.From small Guiness to big Guiness and reputated for it boosting effect when drank with biter cola,only the wise could tell the after result after a one by one football match.Guiness has won the first in our list and is reserve 21 years only but who cares when it concern qualities anyway!

Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoy this article,If you have any suggestion and addition,feel free to contribute in our comment section!
Happy new year

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