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10 Best Samsung Galaxy Smartphones

Did you know The Mototola DynaTAC 8000X was the world's first truly portable commercial mobile phone, and it cost $4,000 when it first went on sale in the USA,that was in  1983. While the first call made using a mobile phone was made in 1973 by Motorola executive Martin Cooper?

From simple to smart, mobile phones have transformed dramatically to become information and communication hubs fundamental to modern life.

Samsung  Electronicsis one of those biggest mobile phone manufacturer has been trending with the Galaxy smart phones model and obviously everyone is willing to own one of these amazing gadgets.They keep on updating from Galaxy X to Galaxy Y despite some malfunctions yet people still line up just to own of these amazing gadgets!

So today we are sorting out a list of the 10 best samsung Galaxy phones ever made.This list is base on users experience with various phones and a little of totally device sold globally.

samsung galaxy ace 2

Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 (GT-I8160) is a smartphone manufactured by Samsung that runs the open source Android operating system. Announced and released by Samsung in February 2012, the Galaxy Ace 2 is the successor to the Galaxy Ace Plus.
With an internal storage of 4GB and a MicroSD card  slot,5MP card and a long and lasting battery of 1500mAh,this mini smart phone is one of the best and portable mobile phone produce by Samsung.

Samsung galaxy note

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is an Android phablet smart phone produced by Samsung Electronics. The Galaxy Note 3 was unveiled on September 4, 2013, with its worldwide release beginning later in the month. This phone Serve as a successor to the Galaxy Note II, It was designed to have a lighter, more upscale design than previous iterations of the Galaxy Note series (with a faux metallic bezel and plastic leather backing ) and to expand upon the stylus and multitasking-oriented functionality in its software—which includes a new navigation wheel for pen-enabled apps, along with pop-up apps and expanded multi-window functionality.The company Samsung  sold 5 million units of the Galaxy Note 3 within its first month of sale and broke 10 million units sales in just 2 months.

samsung galaxy s7

Samsung Galaxy S7 is an Android smart phones manufactured and marketed by Samsung Electronics. It serves as the successor to the Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge and S6 Edge+ released in 2015. This phone was officially unveiled on 21 February 2016, during a Samsung press conference at Mobile World Congress

Galaxy S7 is an evolution of the prior year's model, with upgraded hardware, design refinements, and the restoration of features removed from the Galaxy S6, such as IP certification for water and dust resistance, as well as expandable storage. As with the S6, the Galaxy S7 was produced in a standard model with a display size of 5.1-inch (130 mm), as well as an Edge variant whose display is curved along the wide sides of the screen. Unlike the S6, the Galaxy S7 Edge also utilizes a larger 5.5-inch (140 mm) display rather than matching the screen size of the base models. The Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge were the last two phones in the Samsung Galaxy S series to have a physical home button with a front-sided fingerprint sensor embedded in the button, and the last Samsung Galaxy S series phones to use MicroUSB charging.

Samsung galaxy S7 Edge

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is 7.7mm thick, 157g, metal alloy, 3D thermoformed dual-curved display, glass front and back, IP68 certified, Black/Gold,It’s slightly taller and wider, curvy sides edges. This edges   are not only gorgeous to look at, but they hold some nifty little features too.You can swipe in to access your favourite contacts, place frequently used apps and shortcuts, Also Samsung has added third-party app support so developers can build their own panels for the Edge UX.This phone is so Amazing especially when the right apps are instal with a beautiful and clean camera of 12-megapixel, phase detection, Dual Pixels, OIS, f/1.7 lens, 1/2.6″ sensor, 1.4 ┬Ám pixel, 4K video, 5-megapixel front camera

Samsung Galaxy Note

The Smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note has an Android OS  produced by Samsung Electronics. It was Unveiled at IFA Berlin 2011 and  was first released in Germany in late October 2011, with other countries following afterwards.It was distinguished by unusually large form factor—later referred to using the term "phablet"—which straddled the size of the average smart phone at the time, and that of a small tablet: Galaxy note features a 5.3-inch display, and is bundled with a stylus branded as the "S Pen", which can be used to navigate the device's user interface, and write or draw in supported apps.Still in use by many users

Samsung Galaxy Ace

Samsung Galaxy Ace  was also known as the Samsung Galaxy Cooper in some countries;It is a smartphone manufactured by Samsung that runs the open source Android operating system.It was Announced and released by Samsung in February 2011, Galaxy Ace features an 800 MHz Qualcomm MSM7227 processor with the Adreno 200 GPU. available colors are black, with back covers in three different colors: black, purple and white.

Galaxy Ace is a 3G smart phone, offering quad-band GSM and announced with two-band HSDPA (900/2100) at 7.2 Mbit/s. It's display is a 3.5 inch TFT LCD capacitive touchscreen with its protection by a Gorilla Glass and has HVGA (320x480) resolution. There is also a 5-mega pixel camera with LED flash, capable of recording videos at QVGA (320x240) resolution and VGA (640x480) resolution with the Gingerbread update, and a 1350 mAh Li-Ion battery.
This smart phone is perfect for young teens. Very Easy to use with  Google app store. Other version like galaxy ace la Fleur, which is white with a flowery pattern on it. The only down side is that you can't download every game with Galaxy Ace especially Subway Surfers, Minion Rush, Movie starplanet app, Star doll access,  Temple Run etc. for gamers nevertheless,the Phone is perfect!

Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4 is an Android smart phone  and was first shown publicly on March 14, 2013 at Samsung Mobile Unpacked in New York City. It is actually the successor to the Galaxy S 3 which maintains a similar design, but with upgraded hardware and an increased focus on software features that take advantage of its hardware capabilities—such as the ability to detect when a finger is hovered over the screen, and expanded eye tracking functionality. A hardware variant of the S4 became the first smart phone to support the emerging LTE Advanced mobile network standard.
The Galaxy S4  became Samsung's fastest selling smart phone and eventually Samsung’s best selling smart phone with 20 million sold worldwide in the first two months, and 40 million in the first six months.

While some users called all new Galaxy S4 features "innovation", others called them feature creep  or just gimmicks.  Those features are, for example, Smart Pause, Smart Rotation, Smart Scroll, Air View, Air gesture, Story Album and Temperature and humidity sensors and many more!

Samsung Note 2

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is an Android phablet smart phone. It was Unveiled on August 29, 2012 and released in October 2012, Galaxy Note II is a successor to the original Galaxy Note mention in this list, incorporating improved stylus functionality, a larger 5.5-inch (140 mm) screen, and an updated hardware design based on that of the Galaxy S 2.

The Galaxy Note 2 was released to positive critical reception for its improvements over the original Galaxy Note, and sold over 5 million units within only its first two months of availability. Samsung announced a successor to the Galaxy Note II, the Galaxy Note 3, on September 4, 2013 also mention in this list on the 9th position.

Samsung Galaxy S2

Samsung Galaxy S 2 is a touchscreen-enabled, slate-format Android smart phone designed, developed,  by Samsung Electronics. The Galaxy S 2 was launched with Android 2.3 "Gingerbread", with updates to Android 4.1.2 "Jelly Bean".

Samsung unveiled the S 2 on 13 February 2011  in Barcelona. Which was one of the slimmest smart phones of the time, mostly 8.49 mm thick, except for two small bulges which take the maximum thickness of the phone to 9.91 mm. The Galaxy S 2 has a 1.2 GHz dual-core "Exynos" system on a chip   processor, with a 1 GB of RAM, a  4.3 in  WVGA Super AMOLED Plus screen display and an 8-mega pixel camera with flash and 1080p full high definition video recording. Galaxy S2 is one of the first devices to offer a Mobile High-definition Link (MHL),  which allows up to 1080p uncompressed video output to an MHL enabled TV or to an MHL to HDMI adapter, while charging the device at the same time. USB On-The-Go is  also supported.
The user-replaceable battery gives up to ten hours of heavy usage, or two days of lighter usage.  According to Samsung, the Galaxy S 2 is capable of providing 9 hours of talk time on 3G and 18.3 hours on 2G.

Samsung Galaxy S3

The Samsung Galaxy S S3  is a multi-touch, slate-format smart phone  that runs the Android OS by Google. Launched in 2012, it had sold about 70 million units by 2015.
The Galaxy 3 employs an intelligent personal assistant (S Voice), eye-tracking ability, and increased storage. Although a wireless charging option was announced, it never came to fruition. However there are third party kits which add support for wireless charging. Depending on country, the 4.8-inch (120 mm) smart phone comes with different processors and RAM capacity, and 4G LTE support.It was launched with Android 4.0.4 "Ice Cream Sandwich", which was updated to Android 4.3 "Jelly Bean", and can be updated to Android 4.4 "Kit Kat" on variants with 2 GB of RAM.
Prior to release of Galaxy S3, 9 million pre-orders were placed by more than 100 carriers globally. The S 3 was released by approximately 300 carriers in nearly 150 countries at the end of July 2012.  More than 20 million units of the S 3 were sold within the first 100 days of release  and more than 50 million until April 2013 and is the first in our list as the top 10 best Samsung Galaxy phones.

We hope you enjoyed this article ;Now tell us which one og these smart phones have your ever used and what's your experience with it!
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