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How about beautifying your aquarium with color  fish; We all know that  having an aquarium filled with colorful fishes surely creates a nice atmosphere in the house. But owning one of the most expensive marine fishes is a different thing altogether. Depending on the rarity of some species, some of these fishes cost about a few thousand dollars,Yes i said a few thousand dollars and even more. In fact, there are some species which require government permit just for collection and you are even requested to provide feedback of their activities or health.Anyway

Here are some of the world’s most expensive fishes we have listed for you!

10👉Candy Basslet🐠🐠

Candy Basslet
These flamboyantly-coloured Candy Basslet is known from the sheltered recesses of coral reefs, at depths between 15-70m that's (49-230ft). These fish belongs to the family Serranidae  and are one of around 30 species of reef basslets currently classified within the Liopropoma genus.They are very popular in the hobby due to their relative hardiness, attractiveness, easy-to-feed nature, small adult size , and the fact that they do not pick on sessile invertebrates. The Candy Basslet is highly prized by many aquarists and is our 10th Most expensive Fish

9👉Clarion Angelfish🐠🐠

Clarion Angelfish

This fish is popular in aquarium trade due to its colors and high price tag.They eat algae, sponges, tunicates and small invertebrates. They also pick off parasites and dead skin from large fish such as rays.Clarion angelfish reach a maximum length of about 7.9 inches (20 cm).They  rare and expensive

8👉Wrought Iron Butterflyfish🐠🐠

Wrought Iron Butterflyfish

the "Wrought-Iron Butterflyfish" are   species of butterflyfish native to the western Pacific ocean near central and southern Japan. They can grow up to 6 inches(15cm).
Their black coloration  has a metallic look that is highlighted with yellow-tipped dorsal, caudal and anal fins.They can grow to about 6 inches (15 cm) in length and feed on on benthic algae and invertebrates.

7👉Australian Flathead Perch🐠🐠

Australian Flathead Perch

These flathead perch, Rainfordia opercularis, are  small colorful serranid from the coral reefs of eastern Australia. Due to its limited geographic range and elusive habits, this little bass is extraordinarily rare and expensive in the marine aquarium fish trade. The species has entered the US only a handful of times and typically retails for around $5000. 

6👉Neptune Grouper🐠🐠

Neptune Grouper

Even though these fish are among the expensive fish in the world, they are almost never available when in the market.Making them expensive because they are rare, the price may go up to $6000.They  are deep water species and are extremely difficult to collect. few of these fish are found in shallow water. They usually come  in beautiful shades of orange and yellow especially the young ones. The adults come in pink color with deep yellow band. Due to their eye- catching look, they remain ideal aquarium pets.

5👉Golden Basslet🐠🐠

Golden Basslet
These fish require at least a 20 gallon aquarium with plenty of swimming room and rock for hiding places. They are also peacful and will not harm other tank mates and are considered reef and invert safe.It is advice to Keep only one male Golden Basslet to a tank as they can be aggressive towards other males and  can also be  become territorial.They feed on  variety of meaty foods such as finely chopped fresh or frozen marine fish, squid, mysid shrimp and vitamin-enriched brine shrimp, as well as prepared foods.

4👉Bladefin Basslet🐠🐠

Bladefin Basslet

Name from their  dorsal blade like fins ,They are generally Located  in the Caribbean with   coloring varying from white to vivid orange. These fish are rare and   merely attains about 1.5” size and   swim at a depth of over 500 feet.They are 4th among these expensive fish

3👉Peppermint Angelfish🐠🐠

Peppermint Angelfish

For these exotic fish,Real and serious collectors are ready to pay up to $30,000 . They are deep water fish and are famous for being gorgeous   and as the name suggests it ,They comes in white and red stripes. Interestingly, these are almost very high in demand making it one of the high- priced fishes.

2👉Freshwater Polka Dot Stingray🐠🐠

Freshwater Polka Dot Stingray
This   fish was recently on display in Taiwan. It has a unique genetic mutation on the front of its head causing it to look u-shaped instead of round, which is normal for rays. Currently  they are one of the most expensive aquarium fish in Taiwan with a price tag of $100,000. Interestingly enough this particular stingray would never be able to survive in the wild as it can’t hunt the shellfish it eats with its misshapen head. In captivity, it must be fed from hand to survive.

1👉Platinum Arowana🐠🐠

Platinum Arowana

When we talk about the most expensive fish that ever exists in the world, it must the Platinum Arowana. They have  been introduced as the totally expensive creature people will ever want to buy. It becomes one rare animal thing that humans have ever valued from hundred thousand dollars. Yes You will not believe that the current price for only one piece of Platinum Arowana can reach more than $400.000;Exaggeration?. This number is really unbelievable, especially for freshwater fish like this. But if you take a look at the visual of the fish, you will be totally amazed by its beauty and they are so rare in the market

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