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Playing games on your mobile can be very boring.Especially when you don't enjoy the game,have low space or outdated version of android phone.So   we selected these easy to play with good graphic top 10 best free to download android games.For those with a good internal or external space,these games will occupy your day from level to level.

have a look at what we got for you! Remember they are available on google play store for free download

10. 👉Cut The Rope🎮🎲

This game is one of the best and popular android game  on  Google Play. Very simple and easy,You cut the rope that holes the candy to feed the Ugly beautiful monsters.Best game for those who want to kill their boredom and they just release CUT THE ROPE 2 available on google play

9. 👉Temple Run🎮🎲

One of  the most thrilling  running game for android users and desktop . Running in away from monsters whiles dodging traps and holes,This game demand agility and concentration;Temple run has upto 4 version and is one of those games that can prompt you to break your phone with anger especially when you are at a higher level.While running you also collect some treasures on the ground or up by jumbing,sliding,rolling etc

8. 👉Free Flow🎮🎲

Another simple and very amusing game. You are require to  put all  colored dots together without crossing any lines. So doing,you fill out the grid,You can download it free on google play store

7. 👉Samurai Vs Zombies🎮🎲

Another interesting   android game in which you have to act as a samurai warrior. As a samurai,you have to kill those undead Zombies inorder  find your  way and to defend your village.

6. 👉50 Ways To Survive🎮🎲

A 3D game by Mass Threat,very  easy to play and educative.You are required to learn how to survive in the wild full of traps and wild animals.

5. 👉Angry Birds🎮🎲

Who doesn't know ''the angry bird'' They recently release Angry Bird 2 and also exist somany other version.
You are required to throw a certain number of birds  to attack fortification and destroy stuff.Very Amusing game with special background effect and sound

4. 👉Castle Master 3D🎮🎲

A 3D games among the best games on android. a castle management game which you  have to control some data relating to politics and wealth in order to get more and better building constructions and  send your  warriors into battle.

3. 👉Jetpack Soldier🎮🎲

one of the best android game :You are require to show a lot of ability to enable a soldier to go as far as possible.Flying the distance to collect stars. Jetpack Soldier is a distance arcade game

2. 👉Crime City🎮🎲

Crime City is A MAFIA games by Funzio for android . similar to  GTA ,you can guess the rest cars, guns, and violence 

1. 👉Triple Town🎮🎲

Here you  have to build a city on a board by putting together 3 or more elements to make some new objects.Very lucrative and entertaining:

If you have played any of the above game please help us ameliorating our list by  providing updates in comments

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