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09 Extreme and Most Devastating Finishers In WWE

 WWE  an American publicly traded, privately controlled entertainment company that deals primarily in professional wrestling, with revenue also coming from music, film, video games, product licensing, and direct product sales.
WWE also refers to the professional wrestling promotion itself, founded by Jess McMahon and Toots Mondt in 1952 as Capitol Wrestling Corporation Ltd.  with a Revenue729.2 million USD (2016)
WWE Super are a professional wrestler trained to entertain viewers with high skill and techniques.What they do on stage are very technical and dangerous move based on extreme violence no though they always you will always see the warning message ''Don't try this at home'' .It is a phrase used by media to to advice viewers or interviewers against  imitating a dangerous move they practice and bear with me is for you good!
Finishing moves have always been a weakness for the WWE fans since they were the most anticipated action that would’ve come out from a wrestler. Over the years, there have been many moves which gave Goosebumps to the fans 
Anyway i know Zetopbest Reader are super fans of WWE! Are you?
So i wouldn't go deep into the subject because i know one of you guys have been watching WWE right through his mother womb .
I present to you the our list of the Top Extreme and Devastating Finishers in the WWE World 2017


rusev,luke harper,seth rollins and shawn michaels are  best known to be super-kick finisher. Imaging a super kick on your throat ,a back kick that can drunken for at least 2 minute and the next thing is K.O 

8👉F-5 💪

Brock Lesnar is arguably the WWE’s biggest asset and has been booked to be made to look like the nastiest beast there is, a relentless monster who does nothing but destroy with his Ultimate devastating F5. It wouldn’t seem surprising then, that very few people have kicked out of his finishing man-oeuvre, the F5.

The F5 itself is devastating. Imagine being taken up to Lesnar’s height, spun like a helicopter’s blade in mid-air while being brought down to the ground, just to land on your face. That is bad. It’s like an Attitude Adjustment, except, it’s worse for the receiver in every way.The F5 refresh his opponent while a big surprise awaiting them,the K.O
No doubt people Pres F5 on their PC to avoid a KO

There have been a few that have kicked out like with the F5 like Kurt Angle,Goldberg,Triple H and you can name the rest,John Cena is sometimes seen doing something similar!

7👉Spear 💪

to perform a spear,you need to obtain a good distance away from the opponent. Atleast 3 to 4 steps is ideal as it gives enough time to make a good run. Once that distance is gained and the opponent is distracted, run towards the opponent and take him down. While taking down the opponent, the shoulder should be in contact with the midsection while the arms of the shoulder should be used to help the opponent going down. One thing which should be avoided while doing this is to never use your head to take down as it can cause serious injuries.  
Goldberg started off the use of spear on mainstream level and was the first to introduce it and soon got replicated by Rhino who called it the gore.Edge also used the move throughout his career and won some major matches . Batista then followed up the move some times while Big Show delivered a gut breaking one aided by his size. And most recently, Roman Reigns brought back the aura which went dead after the retirement of Edge.

6👉Choke slam 💪

Chokeslam comes under the category of body slams where A wrestler is slammed into the wrestling mat, tables, steel steps or even cells mostly by his back. The “choke” in the name indicates the way in which the oponnent to be slammed is lifted up while the “slam” stands for the obvious.  This is Usually used by big guys,using their one hand to choke lift their opponents and then slam them for the 3 count on most occasions. To make matters worse, 

The most memorable choke slam was the one performed by Undertaker to Mick Foley in their Hell in a cell match. the cell gave up and Foley ended up plummeting to the ring and Foley was knocked out for a couple of minutes but came back and continued the match. 
Also JBL played the victim  as he was choke slame by Undertaker through the roof of his limousine. 

5👉 619 💪

The 619  was Named after the local area code in Mysterio's hometown in California, the 619 was created when Mysterio came to WWE to go with his Hurricanrana. This move succeeded so much that Mysterio  became a World top Champion because of it.
 The key to the maneuver is to have  the  opponent near the ropes. Once Mysterio has managed to trip up his opponent, stringing them on one of the ropes, he runs to the other side of the ring, picking up momentum. When he comes back, Mysterio uses the ropes, swinging through them and kicking his opponent square in the face. With the opponent thus stunned, Mysterio has the option of Dropping the Dime or landing the West Coast Pop. 

4👉 Pedigree 💪

it was the Pedigree that Rollins chose as a finisher instead. He used it during his run as a heel and then when he turned face. Rollins stopped using the Pedigree after he used it to put away its creator, Triple H at Wrestlemania.
 the Pedigree lives on because Triple H embodies everything about it so well. It’s a humiliating move, which shoves the opponent’s head under Haitch’s crotch before slamming it into the mat, just below The Game’s groin. It’s also a move that takes some time to set-up, what with its underhand hooks and usual taunts, so to be hit with the Pedigree means you were already on wobbly legs. But when it’s executed properly, the Pedigree is as devastating as anything else, and because it belongs to Triple H, it is very rarely kicked out of.

3👉 Running Attacks💪

It involves the highest number of finishing attacks. It is very effective since there is limited time for the opponent to avoid it. It includes run and fall attacks that is done by very heavy wrestlers, run and kick opponent at the run buckle.

2👉 Orton’s Punt💪

A very big devastating move that Randy Orton pulls the moment he wants to finish the match. The finishing move mainly targets the head and the neck. This move was disapproved by WWE because it leads to concussion of the opponent. This is very surprising because people felt that he had more control over that move than other moves he made.

1👉 Splash💪

Once this the Splash is activate,the opponent is gone.It's one among those risky moves because even the user suffer great damage especially if his aim change direction or block it with his food but when landed appropriately that's a K.O. Owen heart performed this move on Stone cold and that led to him breaking his neck. 
REASON WHY IT DANGEROUS so Stay safe;Don't try this at home or in school not even trying this with your wife lol

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